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Originally from Québec, Mélanie Giguère is a passionate Artist of Painting, Photography and Fashion. Since her early childhood, she has had a vital need to create and connect with the world around her. At the age of 10, she enrolled in her first Oil Painting class and it was the beginning of a beautiful love affair with the Visual Arts. She knew that this passion would one day play an important role in her career. Her first step in that direction was General Training in Fine Arts, which she completed with Technical Training in Fashion Design. After graduating in 2000, she held a Fashion Designer position for several years for the renowned Maison Simons.


Passion. Emotion. Movement.


Three elements of design and communication that define, at once, the work and the artist, combining to create a coherent and inseparable ensemble. The emotion expressed by the artist and captured by the observer is at the heart of her artistic approach. Through her painting, Mélanie seeks to grasp the indefinable and to share it with her audience . Inspired by Street Art, by Paper Art, by fashion, by photography, and by gestural painting, her works are in a class of their own, belonging, in an indirect way, to the Graffiti 2.0 wave of contemporary urban art even though they are produced in a studio.




Audacious and avant-garde ,Melanie’s output distinguishes itself through the sentiment of volume and the pervasiveness of her subjects. Lively and progressive, her creations invite the audience to follow their movements and to appreciate them from different perspectives.









Her constant probing of volume and her natural desire to manipulate raw materials have naturally led to the development of a unique technique , the Foldart, that involves manipulating and folding the canvas of her paintings during the process of creation. This way, she adds a sculptural element that brings a 3D aspect to what is essentially a 2D medium. Her paintings harness the impact of contrasts by juxtaposing the negative with the positive, fines lines with random strokes, and lively colours with black and white. This technique animates the subject, adding to it a dynamic element that suggests that it is striving to break-free from the clutches of its habitual frame.  


Mélanie Giguère, Melanie Giguere, Artiste peintre, Painter Artist, Québec, Canada
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